It’s almost Thanksgiving! Is your carpet and upholstery, and your oriental and area rugs, and your tile and grout clean enough to show your family?

You have been working hard during this fabulous Fall- we all have!  If you have been as busy as our family since Summer, you are ready for a break where you can just enjoy being with family and friends.  With all the great weather we had, we spent a lot of time hiking, biking, and traveling throughout Colorado with our dog and kids.  I just wanted to share all the great pictures I was able to take this season with all of you- enjoy:

From the changing leaves on the Peak-to-Peak highway       


To beautiful sunsets above Boulder:

                                   fall of 2009 pics 015


                                         fall of 2009 pics 122

From pretty flowers:

                                     fall of 2009 pics 018

                                          fall of 2009 pics 116

To unique views of the flatirons:

                           flatirons pic apcs 2009 xheader E


                                      royal gorge cory 2009 320

From the wonderful views from an outlook on the way to Goldhill:



                                                   fall of 2009 pics 040

To the Flatirons covered with new snow and enshrouded in wispy clouds: 



From the cliffs above Ouray in all their glory:

                                     royal gorge cory 2009 212

                                 royal gorge cory 2009 206

This was a wonderful Fall, and we love living in the best area in the world!  I hope you have been able to enjoy the phenomenal area that we live in and give thanks during the holidays for all the gifts we have been given.








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