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ECO or Green Boulder Carpet Cleaning?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

BoulderFlood aftermath

After helping many clients all over Boulder County with their flood related restoration, we had to remove over 6″ of standing water and dry out our own crawlspace in our home for a week and a half with turbo dryers and refrigerant dehumidifiers. After cleaning and taking apart our furnace we were able to save it which took a huge load of worry and expense off our mind.  We hope all of  you reading this are finally recovering from the disaster which befell all of us here in the best State in the U.S.- Colorado.

Comcast fail during the best Broncos’ game in many years!

Our family finally had time to watch a highly anticipated Broncos’ game- (which was cut short by Comcast’s signal disappearing for almost 1/2 of the game with no apology- if you were ever treated by us in the same way we would have cleaned your carpet for free- see our guarantee at; but we also had time to watch one of the shows we like to watch to relax- Shipping Wars.

Free, ECO Cleaning, Coupon, Green Cleaning

While watching Shipping Wars, I realized that the carpet cleaning business in Boulder is quite similar to the shipping business.  Both industries have companies like ours that strive to do the very best for their clients. Many other companies (coupon companies) really do not care about you at all- just getting the next job- in other words- a “Jarett like” company.  The almost “free” or coupon companies think that all you want is a low price and to salivate when you hear the words “Green cleaning or Eco cleaning”- the majority of these companies have no quality workmanship, experience, training, top quality equipment, insurance, or professionalism involved. Ask them how long they have been in business, or the certifications they have …   We think you do not want people with a Shipping Wars “Jarett” type attitude or company cleaning your home or business.

Education in cleaning systems

In learning the ever evolving aspects and systems of cleaning- (All Phase Carpet and Upholstery) and (All Phase Cleaning Services) have taken over 20 years to learn all the various aspects of the cleaning business and all the new systems and procedures that have evolved over the years.   Since 1990 we have learned in a systemic manner about every area of our adopted profession by taking class after class- seminar after seminar, reading book after book,and most importantly making mistake after mistake (and fixing the mistakes), which means you will be hiring the very best cleaning professionals in Janitorial, Office Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning, and Tile and Grout Cleaning services in Boulder County when you call (303-938-1793) today:)

A brief history of All Phase Cleaning Services and All Phase Carpet and Upholstery:

Below is a small synopsis of our history so you can get to know us- enjoy:)

All Phase Cleaning Services and All Phase Carpet and Upholstery were founded in 1990 by Ed and Cathy after working in the computer programming, and stock brokerage fields.  After deciding to start our own businesses we immersed ourselves in education about the cleaning industry by taking certification classes from the IICRC, and networking with other professionals across the country, we learned everything we could about the industry- the best methods, systems, and procedures available.  We have high expectations of what can be accomplished in the cleaning process and pay a living wage to all of our employees who love what they do for a living so they can meet and most likely exceed your expectations. The majority of our employees have been with us for over 12 years and are true professionals- we love them and so will you:)  All Phase Cleaning Services and All Phase Carpet and Upholstery are full service cleaning companies and offer all the most up-to-date realistic green and eco services and cleaning methods, including rotary jet carpet cleaning of all surfaces in Boulder County offices and residential homes.  Our motto is: “We care about the details so you don’t have to” and we take our mission very seriously.  We love our clients, and after getting to know us you will love us too. :)  Call  Cathy at (303) 938-1793 to make an appointment to learn about us, or to begin using our expert services today.  Thanks, and have a great week and a wonderful fall season:)

All Phase Carpet and Upholstery